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Christmas Window Painting
Merry Christmas and welcome to my Christmas Windows webpage.  Please note that these images are here to give you a creative idea of my work, it is in no way limited to these images...
You may have your own traditional or commercial idea that you would like on your windows...or possibly a favorite Christmas Card or Christmas character that you would enjoy to be presented upon your business.
Windows are painted with durable and yet easy to remove, temporal paint.  It stays in place nicely during rough weather; and then cleans easily with water and paper towels.
Draws the public eye to your business!
And the prices are insanely affordable!
Here is one of Santa bringing Daddy a new F-250 (I painted this on a Ford Dealership- no surprise there)
This Santa has that Cowboy twist that worked beautifully on a Western Wear Store. (And once I put him on a Truck Stop in New Mexico).
I actually painted Grinch at a Collection Agency.
(Their idea of holiday humor).
This store owner really liked cats.
Or you may one to choose from one of my own designs. (This one is a personal favorite).
If you have a lot of windows or just one small one I can find a design to fit it...this business had twelve windows which gave me the idea to do the Twelve Days of Christmas. (They hired me every year as they loved the colorful holiday cheer that the paintings gave their storefront AND they also loved the easy cleanup after the season ended).
Twelve drummers drumming

Eleven Pipers piping

Ten Lords a leaping

Nine Ladies dancing
Eight Maids a milking
Seven Swans a swimming

Six Geese a laying
Five Golden RIngs
Four Calling Birds

Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
...and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.